Scott Elementary School

K-2 Thanksgiving Lunch is Wednesday, November 7th!
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                                                    November News & Upcoming Events
Thanksgiving Lunch- Wed., Nov. 7th 
Thanksgiving Lunch Times:
*Notice lunch times are different*
Mrs. Simcik- 11:25-11:55
Mrs. Hernandez- 11:35-12:05
Miss Martin- 11:45-12:15
Mrs. Hess- 11:55-12:25
Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 19th-23rd
CAC field trip- Thurs., Nov. 29th
PYP Planner News

PYP Planner- “Journey To Lands Near And Far”

  (Where We Are In Place And Time)


During this planner, we will explore how geography, customs, and traditions allow us to create connections around the world.


We will work towards:

appreciating the similarities and differences in the traditions of other cultures

understanding how geography affect traditions and celebrations.

exploring the traditions and customs of other cultures




Isabel Hernandez
Margaret Hess
Texanna Martin
Rachel Simick