Scott Elementary School

Progress Reports will be available online Wednesday, September 12th.
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Fifth Grade

Hello from the wonderful wold of fifth grade! We are excited to start our latest planner that focuses on the idea that "Humans are Resourceful." We will explore this idea through social studies topics such as manifest destiny, westward expansion, and the industrial revolution. We will further investigate what it means to be resourceful in science, learning about electrical circuits, forms of energy, and natural resources. 


Curriculum Snapshots

The snapshots below will give you an overview of the things that your student will be learning this year.  The snapshots are organized by subject area.
Texas A&M Medical Students
     We had medical students come visit and present to our fifth graders. This was a hands on inquiry based experience as students were able to use the medical instruments to look in ears, noses and eyes.


Tatum Giniewicz
Ashley Ramirez
Heather Regula
Jessica Wolf