About Our Library

We have added some e- books to our collection and will be adding more over the next year.  Students can check out e-books using any tablet, computer or phone with an internet connection.   Students will log in using their own ID/Password and can log out or read books online.   Please be aware that if you may incur charges from your phone company if you access a book while not connected to wifi.   Parents are welcome to visit the library to find out more about how to use these ebooks.  Ebooks can be checked out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when school is not in session.   They will be a great resource for our students at all times, but especially during the school vacations 


Can I check out an e-book using an iPad?

Yes – you can access e-books on any hardware that has internet access. A computer, a tablet, a kindle fire or even a phone.

If you use a phone or a tablet, please make sure that you are connected to wifi to avoid any possible data charges.


How do I get the numbers to log in?

All students have been shown how to access e-books and have been given their individual ID and password. If you are not sure, please contact the school library for assistance during regular school hours. (8 am – 3pm)