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Scott Elementary Library does not charge fines for late books. When a book is overdue, more books cannot be checked out until the overdue book(s) are returned. Scott students are expected to take proper care for the books they check out and to return the books in good condition. If the book is lost or damaged beyond repair we will have to charge a replacement fee. We ask that you please refrain from repairing the book at home. Send a note with your child and the book to the library to let us know about any damages so we can see if repairs can be made. If the book cannot be repaired or found, a letter will be sent home to notify you of the replacement fee.
Library Expectations 
Come into the library quietly.
Take good care of all library books.
Use shelf markers to keep shelves straight and books in order.
No running or playing in the library.
Follow directions at all times.
Scott Elementary Library follows the district CHAMPS guidelines.
Taking Good Care of Library Books
Don't leave your books in your car!
Keep your books inside!
Keep books away from pets!
Keep books away from babies and little kids!
Keep food and drinks away from books!
Keep glue, crayons and markers away from books!
Be sure your hands are clean!
Protect your books from bad weather!
Don't mix your school books with your books at home!
Don't take your book out of your backpack on the school bus!
Remember your library day and bring your books back on time!
Never lay your book face down. Always use a bookmark to save your place.
Store your books in your backpack when you're finished reading them!